Who can apply?


To apply for a grant from this scheme you must be:

  • under the age of 25 years
  • able to demonstrate that you are in need of financial assistance
  • either you or one of your parents must be resident in the Diocese of Leicester*.  If you are living in the Diocese independently, you must have lived here for a reasonable amount of time (usually, a minimum of two years) in order to qualify for a grant.

*The Diocese of Leicester includes the City of Leicester and most of the County of Leicestershire.  You can check whether you live in the Diocese by visiting http://www.achurchnearyou.com/ and entering your postcode in the Parish Finder.

Unfortunately, the following are not eligible:

  • people resident in Leicester/Leicestershire only for the purposes of study (ie. with a main/parental home elsewhere)
  • those classed as overseas students by the educational establishment at which they are studying (with the exception of refugees/asylum seekers who have leave to remain in the UK, and who otherwise meet the residency criteria).

Eligible individuals can apply for grants that will advance their education.  For example:

  • financial assistance, clothing, uniforms, books, tools or other equipment that will help someone leaving school, college or university to enter their chosen profession (e.g. equipment you need for a vocational training course);
  • costs associated with taking up a confirmed place at a secondary school*, college, university, or other institution of further education;
  • travel bursaries or allowances if you need to travel as part of your education;
  • financial assistance to students of music or other arts;
  • religious instruction in the doctrines of the Church of England.

*Applications for school fees will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, such as where there is a clearly identified special need.  Please contact the Foundation to request a copy of our factsheet, Guidance on grants for school fees.




To apply for a grant from this scheme your school must be either:

  • a Church of England school in the Diocese of Leicester*, or substantially serving the Diocese of Leicester, or
  • a maintained school in the City of Leicester.

*The Diocese of Leicester includes the City of Leicester and most of the County of Leicestershire.  If you are not sure whether your school falls within the Diocese, please call Charity Link on 0116 222 2200 for advice.

Eligible schools can apply for grants towards projects that would not normally be considered part of state education provision.

Examples of the type of project that have been funded in the past include:

  • Peace Gardens
  • Stained glass windows
  • Items with a Christian ethos
  • Items which enhance collective worship
  • Support to children eligible for pupil premium/free school meals for school trips or visits

Please note that the Governors will not fund equipment or costs that would normally be met from your school budget.  For example:

  • salary costs for core teaching or other core staff employed by your school, in exercising their core duties;
  • the general maintenance and running costs of your school;
  • the 10% Governing Body Liability for capital projects in voluntary aided schools (or academies that were previously voluntary aided schools).