My name is Moira and I moved to England when I was 12 years old. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leicester. During my first year at University I was denied student support and couldn’t afford to pay the full amount. I applied to Alderman Newton’s Educational Foundation for assistance and they sponsored me the rest of the money I needed to pay my first year tuition fees. I also couldn’t afford my second and third year tuition fees. I applied again for both years, and was assisted each time. During my third year I decided to change from a BEng in mechanical engineering to an MEng which required a further year to complete. I then applied to the Foundation again and they gave me the full tuition fees to complete my course.
Getting my degree has been one of the proudest and best moments in my life. I learned a lot and it has given me hope and a chance at a bright future. With the Foundation’s help I was able to follow my passion (engineering). Their help took the stress away and I was able to achieve a first class degree, meet some interesting people and get involved in different activities.

I am very grateful to Alderman Newton’s Educational Foundation for the chance they gave me. I am still amazed that there are people out there that have such a kind heart and care enough to change my life without expecting anything in return.