Sebastian’s Story


“I have always considered myself fortunate to even be a medical student. My mother is unable to provide financial assistance for me, but I received government support towards the cost of university. From my first day at medical school, I dreamed about my Medical Elective. I made good efforts to budget from day one to pay for my flights and accommodation costs, but fell short of the full cost. Applying to the Foundation provided the means to complete my booking!

I undertook my Medical Elective in Cape Town, South Africa, in the Emergency department at Tygerberg Hospital. The experience itself impacted so heavily on all of us that we would say our 5 week placement was the BEST placement we’ve ever had over the whole four years of medical placements. What we saw, learnt and did has shaped us and will impact on our work for years to come.

I cannot express in words how grateful I am that you even considered my application let alone made a grant towards the cost of my medical elective - which has been, without a doubt, the best 5 weeks of my life. Thank you!”